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Blast from the Past
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If you were sent here via email link by someone on eBay, you have wasted your money, here at Hill Valley in 2015 we strive to provide the best available prop replicas that you can printout for FREE!! Next time check around before you spend your money.

Here you will find our improved Prop/Replica section, you will be able to find images to size and print for your own collection, most are very high quality but there are some that are not. Click on a link to the left to choose a year.

Back to the Future has become one of the most interesitng hobbies. You can find many of the prop/replica and collectibles on , but if you're looking for real props there you'll pay a hefty price, this is also the main source for replica props. The Prop Replicas that are available on ebay are: Gray's Sports Almanac, Blue and White Save the Clock Tower Flyers, George McFly Murdered Newspaper, Emmett Brown Comended Newspaper, Biffco $5 Museum Ticket, Jaws 19 Poster, Enchantment under the Sea Mini Poster, Almanac receipt, Biffco print, Marty's Letter to Doc,  Aged Version Marty's Letter to Doc, Flux Capacitor Drawing, Fantastic Story Magazine, Goldie Wilson Poster, Oh La La cover, "You're Fired" Fax , Doc's 1885 Letter to Marty, Lou's Cafe "Do not Open" Envelope, Biff Dollar Bill, 2015 Dollar Bill, Tales from Space Comic Cover, 2015 License Plate, OUTATIME Plate. But new more creative props are popping up all the time, hoverboard replica's are the most appealing to me, since they are almost identical in every way. 

Some people prefer to collect costumes from the movie, Marty's 1985 costume is the most common one, with the Denim Jacket, and Red "Life-Preserver". If I could choose any costume it would have to be the shirts Doc wears in 2015, the red one with the Japanese characters on it, or the blue and yellow one with the trains that Doc later uses as his bandana in 1885.



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